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Musings of a Beetle

We Miss You, Ted

8 August 1977
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It dawns on me how out of date this all is.

So I'll run it by quick.

I was working for the WA Museum for five years or so, then lost my position in a reshuffle. Ended up moving to Kalgoorlie on my own to work at the musem there - and it really didn't work out. So I moved home again to Perth, did a Graduate Diploma of Education. I left the museum after eight years, and am now the Education Officer for an environmental learning centre.

I'm a big geek - dinosaurs, comics, movies, Transformers, computer games, toys, They Might Be Giants, The Aquabats, Lord of the Rings, Xevoz, British comedies.. all is grist to my mill.

I also seem to have this hyperanxiety complex wherein I freak out when I get sick for unidentifiable reasons.