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I aten't dead.

RIP Penny.

A bit of a tragic note to make a return post on.

This morning, a lady came to the door asking us if we owned two rabbits which were out on the street. Mentioning we had two cats, so no, not us, we left it at that. About 7pm tonight, another lady came to ask us about the rabbit which was now under my car. We put away X's two cats since a) the rabbit might become an issue there with two cats b) her little cat was out there, and X's two can be quite territorial. We go out, and attempt to capture this rabbit (not a feral, clearly a pet (I believe it was a Lop)). No luck, and it ducks over the road into a very dense garden.

While doing this, the little cat is sitting back on the other side, meowing. A car turned the corner, and she bolted towards us. About 2/3 way over, she doubled back, and the car hit her.

I was already running over to her in her last moments; X was quite devastated, crying and upset. The lady seemed very calm, to which I can only attribute having experienced this before, or being in shock. X asked if she wanted us to drive her to the vet (there was nothing to be done at this point, but still.) but no, she would go herself. I tried to take X back inside, although she had to stop and sit in the driveway for a minute. Inside, we tried to settle back in.

Conflicting emotions rose, between sorrow, that whole "if only" state of mind, and some anger (if the lady had kept her cat indoors while trying to catch the rabbit, if the driver had slowed right down*..)

It was a very sad, terrible end to an otherwise wonderful day. Please, if you have pets, do all you can to ensure their safety. Don't just let them out into the street; make sure you check on them if they're exploring a bit. If you have cats, consider converting your yard into a large outdoor run, and go with them if you're going out the front. If you have a dog, make sure they're trained not to run across a road. And if you're driving, and you see an animal on the side of the road, just err on the side of caution. Accidents happen, but assume the animal is going to run out - just anticipating that worst possible outcome might slow you down enough to avoid it.

The street X lives on is becoming troublesome, as people turn the corner and put their foot down. We're going to look into petitioning local council to install more speed humps in the area (the feeder road already has them before you get into her street); not just for the animals, but there's a children's playground just opposite her house as well.

RIP Penny, 2009. I didn't really know you, but I'm so sorry how your life ended.


Oct. 3rd, 2009

Happy birthday susp

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Hey folks.

I'm gonna make a long story short; I've recently come to realise I've got some serious personality issues going on in my life that need serious attention; one of these is how much time I have spent online. Part of my attempt to resolve this means I won't be around as often making posts, commenting etc. It's by no means a sign I think less of the friends who I normally speak to near daily. It's part of something I have to do to become a far better person, one I can be happy being. I'm also very lucky to have a partner like X, who wants to help me improve.

I still miss you all a lot though, and think of all my "online" friends often. Take care, everyone. And my email is still there if people want to talk.
I turned 32 this Saturday!

Writer's Block: I May Be Crazy

What does this Rorschach blot look like to you?

The pelvic bones of some strange fossil creature.
You know, if Ted Kord comes back in "Blackest Night", I'll be amazed.

Seeing he was cremated and all.
Hm. A little perturbed by something from the Magic: The Gathering website.

So, the new basic set is out, there've been new cards added in place of simply rotating in cards from other sets. That in itself is fine.

But some cards seem to simply be slight modifications. Grizzly Bears is out.. but now we have Runeclaw Bear, which is the exact same thing with a new name. It's more a flavour change. OK.

Orcish Artillery is out, but now we have a duplicate named Goblin Artillery, which is exactly the same - only it's more tribal. OK, I can see that (although I do think they're killing off potential tribes which they may one day wish to revisit. If they do a new set, they'll simply say "we'll make it a goblin, rather than an orc" - a case of simply repeating what's been done before, when Magic is a game about innovation.

But there's a card, Savannah Lions. A rare 2/1 creature for W.

But the new version is a 2/1 Soldier (named Elite Vanguard), costing W, with the rarity changed to uncommon. And this is why:

There was concern that this would frustratingly devalue people's Savannah Lions (which had been rare in previous printings),.

This bugs me. Since when has Wizards worried about the *secondary market*? When Chronicles came out, people complained that reprinting stuff like the Elder Dragon Legends would devalue the originals.* Serra Angel has dropped from being an uncommon, to a rare, to not being in the set, to being back as an uncommon. It never mattered before to WotC what people were paying outside the game though.

So why now?

A card's "value" on the secondary market has no bearing on the actual price of the card - it's worth the paper it's printed on. It's the *players* who attribute real-world dollar values and significance to the cards. Generally, rares are better cards by way of having super-duper effects, etc. That's fine. But cards only increase in value when there's demand in the secondary market - player X wins a tournament using Fairy-Dragon Juggernaut. People start emulating that deck, and want more Fairy-Dragon Juggernaut cards. So they haggle, and soon the card raises in price. One year later, maybe it's old hat, and noone cares, and the card comes down in value.

But WotC makes nothing off the secondary market. So why are they so worried about someone's collection of Savannah Lions losing value on the secondary market?

Jul. 13th, 2009

Heh. I have gained some respect for Slash for these comments:

“I once asked Axl why he left the ‘E’ off his name. He started crying and said he thought he’d spelled it right.” – Slash

“An anagram of Axl Rose is oral sex. Why do I know? Because when I’m not playing music I love solving erotic jumbles.” – Slash


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